Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A New Beginning

Things are starting over for Shauna as she once again moves home and tries to get on with life. I find myself a little envious of some of the things she has but then I remember the heartaches she has been through and the tough life she has had over the past seven years and I realize I am very blessed to have a secure relationship with a man who loves me more than anything. In that I am very fortunate. I'm glad it's that way, not only for me, but for her as well. She can come home to a loving family and secure home when she needs to. I pray every day that she will be able to find the right guy some day and have a great relationship at last.
We traveled to Seattle this last weekend to pick her up and move her home. Lee, Jacob, Matt and Lylia went with us and we spent a fun, sunny day in Seattle after packing up. Sunday was a long drive home (15 hours) but we made the most of it and had a few fun stops.
Shauna got an apartment yesterday and we moved her in last night. She will be getting a job soon at a bakery so she can finish her hours for school and still get credit. She will apply to BYUI and hopefully finish up a degree.
Lylia only has about 6 weeks left with us and I don't want to think about sending her home. She's just like one of the family and I don't want to give her back! But I'm sure her family in Brazil is looking forward to getting her back so I will make sure she gets on that plane, hard as it will be. Her mom is coming out here in a couple weeks for graduation. Then we will take them on a tour of Idaho and Utah. We wish we could take them to California as well but time and money are a little short.
Lee and I are so happy to be living here, even though Rexburg isn't the prettiest place. Or warmest. But it has been a blessing to live near Robert and Michelle again and to have their family nearby. We enjoy that. Plus we have some good friends here now and we like our home. Things are going pretty good, thanks to the Lord. We sure miss our friends in Utah and California but the internet is a blessing when it comes to keeping in touch with people. Besides, everyone keeps sending their kids to BYUI so we have many excuses to see them, or at least their children. We feel like we are in touch when we see all these kids.
Well, back to the same ol' stuff. Post a comment once in awhile so I know you're still alive!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just keep swimmin'...

Well, it's been an eventful month with more than a fair share of events from great to sorrowful. What has mostly been on my mind is that I've had to help my daughter through another heartbreaking marriage and divorce. I am so sad for both of them but I know things will turn out all right, at least for my daughter. She has been practicing faith and turning to the Lord for help and He is guiding her and giving her strength. I have to admit this can be pretty tough for me as well but as her mother I know I can help her through this.
With summer on the way I have been feeling much more upbeat. I love the longer days and the warming of the climate. I am really looking forward to floating down the river, camping at Yellowstone, and having bonfires in our backyard. Lee planted irises today and we are starting to prepare for a garden and putting in some flowers around the house. Oh how I love this time of year!
Tyler has a girlfriend and she is just the cutest girl. She fits in with our family and is a very happy, loving person. I wouldn't mind at all if they got real serious ... :)
I made my first wedding cake for someone who wasn't my daughter! And it was so much fun. A friend of a friend, the bride wanted a lemon cake with raspberry filling and fondant on the top. It turned out great. And I did the serving cake as well, which I was told everyone raved over. That made me feel good! I think I will do this more often!
It's craft fair time and my friend Sarah and I did our first one last weekend. We are doing another one this coming weekend. I enjoy keeping busy with my crafts and will probably always do at least one craft fair every year, just to keep myself busy.
The happiest part of all is that Lee and I still love each other more than anything in the world. How is it that two people can love each other more after 26 years than when they were so head-over-heels at first? Somehow all the trials we've been through together and all the events we have enjoyed together have made us closer and now I can't even imagine what life would be like without him. Thanks, Leebert, for making me the happiest woman on earth. You are a wonderful man!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What a Week!

Okay, so I decided to do a before and after session and this is it. I look much better after, that's for sure! How does Lee even like me when I have no makeup on? Bleck!

We got a letter today telling us when Lylia goes home and even though that isn't until June 29, it still seems like it will happen too soon! We will sure miss her. She is such a sweetie.
Darci is moving home again. Just for a couple months. She needs to save some money to move back to Provo. So it will be fun having my little social butterfly back home for awhile.
Tyler got accepted to BYU-I and will start classes in April. His friend Katrina will be back then, as well, so he will be quite busy...
Things are going well for me in my Mary Kay business because I decided to put some effort into it. I went to a career conference in Salt Lake and got all fired up. Now I feel like I know a little more and can really get going. That's always a good thing - to feel well educated and more confident. Now to just start getting out there more...
I finally finished the "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" book and it was all right. The author changed a few things about the story and added in the whole zombie element so it's kind of funny but at the same time, I'm not sure a teenage boy would want to read all the other parts of the story (because it's a love story) so I don't know who he geared it for since teenage boys are the only people who like zombies. Hmmm. Well, it was fun. A lady I work with on the PTO board didn't like it. So there are two opinions for ya.
Well, have a good week and keep on smiling. Every day is the best day of your life!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MMMmmmmm! Ice Cream!

Okay, everyone join me in eating an ice cream sandwich! Come on, it's yummy! And it's really not much to worry about, it's just one little treat... So this week I am thankful for ice cream. Of course, you all know that Wahlquist means "ice cream lover or ice cream maker" right?
What I am really appreciative of this week, though, is my husband. You may get tired of hearing about him from me, but every day I have something new to be grateful for when it comes to him. He is the best thing to happen to me and I can't help but brag!
He has been keeping the budget and doing the bills and I sure wish we could have gotten to this point a looooooong time ago because we would probably have more money saved up if we had. But he has been so good at doing the bills and taking care of things and I'm just so *sniff* proud of him! And he has also been good about being the dad and making sure we have family night and family prayer. We sure are blessed! It's amazing how, when you keep the commandments and counsel of our Heavenly Father, blessings just pour out! Thanks, Lee Allen, for taking good care of me and our family! You are AwEsOmE! I love you. And that's all you need to know...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yeah, I know, I skipped a week again. But I was sick so it wasn't really my fault. :) You know, it seems like it would be hard to be happy when you're sick but I managed. I wasn't happy about being sick or that I couldn't go to Curves or that I was coughing a lot, but I was still pretty happy about me. I mean, I'm here, I've got a great family and a great home and friends. What's not to be happy about? And thanks to the internet, I was still able to keep in touch with people and not get them sick. Ha! Anyway, this week I am back to working out and all my usual stuff so I feel human again. Yes, I did feel like an alien while I was sick. But I read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." Okay, that is an interesting book. The author (the one besides Jane Austen) takes out a lot of the extra frivolous speech from the original (which is a good thing - Ms. Austen gets long winded!) and adds in a zombie element that my boys would all love - except that it is "Pride and Prejudice" so they will probably never read it. I'm not a big zombie fan - I could do without the gore - but it's kind of funny. I'm almost to the end so I'll let you know how that goes...
Well, have a great week everyone. I'm going to! Oh, and if you want to know some fun movies, here's a few I watched while I was quarantined: 17 Again (cute!), All About Steve (Loved it!), My Life In Ruins (made me cry, it was excellent! I actually watched it like 3 times!)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Craziness Approved!

I love this Quikcam! I can just sit down at the computer, snap a photo, and post it. Woot! 
*I still feel great. I've lost 2 1/4 pounds and 3 inches so far and I am taking supplements that help me feel so much more energetic because I am actually getting some nutrition. Well, it helps that I eat a little better as well.
*I just completed probably the best novel I've ever written and I am tickled to have it done! It's an LDS romance, you can check my Author Denise blog on updates on that one. I started a new book that should be just as fun. It's got some funny stuff in it.
*I'm not even close to being a grandma yet but I am practicing. I usually steal my neighbor Natalie's baby Michael during Sacrament meeting and sometimes during Relief Society. This is fun! I can't wait to have grandkids. I was just thinking about that last night and planning sing alongs and story times and hikes... I even remembered a silly song this morning that I should probably write down so I don't forget it! I'm getting anxious... :)
*I am always finding great stuff that is so positive! While substituting a high school English class in Nephi I found this one that the teacher had posted on her wall. I liked it because it fit exactly how I always feel about my friends. It's from C.S.Lewis. "In friendship we think we have chosen our peers. In reality, a few years' difference in the dates of our births, a few more miles between certain houses, the choice of one university instead of another ... the accident of a topic being raised or not being raised at the first meeting - any of these chances might have kept us apart. But, for a Christian, there are, strictly speaking, no chances. A secret Master of Ceremonies had been at work. Christ, who said to his disciples, "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you," can truly say to every group of Christian friends, "You have not chosen one another but I have chosen you for one another." The friendship is not a reward for our discriminating and good taste in finding one another out, it is the instrument by which God reveals to each the beauties of the others."
*Special note on that: I tell Lylia all the time that God sent her to us. Otherwise, why would I have felt inspired to stop and talk to those exchange student girls last year as we passed their table? Why would I have felt the need to have a girl in our home when we have teenage boys? Why did we choose the Brazilian over the girl from the Netherlands, one of my ancestral homes? And why does everyone think she is my actual daughter? God knew we needed each other. I am so thankful for her and her family. I now feel connected to more of the world!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 4 and 5

Well, I missed last week but I'm not going to sweat it because it's just a blog! Ha ha!
One of the happiest things in life (at least, in my life) is a tax return! Yay for tax returns! Without them I wouldn't have some of the fun things in life, like a new computer or, this year, a new TV! What fun it is to have some money to go buy something you aren't able to otherwise. No, we're not rich and we don't have a lot but we are able to enjoy a few extras once in awhile because of good ol' Uncle Sam. (Just so you know, our previous TV was purchased in 1997...)
So, for the other good news in my life, well, it's all about being healthy. I've actually improved my physical self a little by working out and Lee and I have been studying about vitamins and minerals and all that kind of thing. We came across several things on the internet and through various people and places and it is a very curious thing, the human body. According to the things we have learned so far we have decided that anyone who doesn't believe in a higher power being in control hasn't studied enough on this subject. It is amazing how this world works and how everything connects. Here's an example.
This past week we learned about bones and how calcium works in the bones. We are going to try some supplements that are supposed to help in the rejuvenating process and keep your bones healthy. I'm excited to try it because I have, of late, begun to feel old. I'll keep a short journal of it here. It should be interesting to see just how everything works...
Oh, got a new haircut (see picture above) and it made me feel fresh and alive. It's cool how a simple thing like that can make you feel better some times!
I'm working on a couple books but my laptop has decided to be slow so Lee has been reloading the software and getting rid of things so I can use it again. I'm getting close to the end of Tymberfeld 2. My nephew Michael has been editing a little for me and it has helped a lot. Wish I'd had him around before my first book went out! :)
I have been searching forever (it seems) for my favorite quote and could not find it, not even online. I was going through some scrapbook things the other day and came across it. So I am going to post it here because it is very profound, I believe. It's from the book "Windwalker" by Blaine Yorgason. Here it is:
"One cannot submit to evil without encouraging evil to grow. Each time a man gives up a principle, each time he allows evil to destroy what he knows is right, or good, he is saying to evil, 'This man supports you.'"
With that in mind, let's make this a great world by making ourselves better.
Have a good week!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 3

Well, it has been a great year so far and I can only see more great things from where I sit, so I'm looking forward to it!
This last week I attended my first nutrition class at Curves and we all started our "Boot Camp" stuff, which includes a healthy, high-protein diet and exercising. My friend Jennifer and I are on the same team so we are keeping each other going. I have to keep a eating journal and I practiced last week and let me tell you, it was eye-opening. So I am hoping to lose some serious weight over the next few weeks.
Anyway, I have been working hard on some craft stuff and put a few new things on etsy. That's pretty much my job now. I am almost finished with my first crocheted Barbie dress-hopefully I will have it to post next week!
Lee and I attended a cub scout workshop and it was motivating. I'm excited to really get going with my Webelos. I only have one right now but it is so much fun to work with these boys. They are fun and full of energy, which frustrates Lee but makes me feel young! I love how 10 year old boys think - which isn't much of the time - but they are crazy and young and silly and I can totally relate! We do have a lot of fun. I miss Cameron, Zach and Caleb - who have all moved on to 11-year old scouts, but Jarsden is a great kid and next month we will get Paul. Lee is the Cubmaster now and it's kind of funny to watch him because he always grumps around saying how he hates kids yet I know he can really enjoy it if we get him in his little boy mode. Funny how I can complain that he acts like a ten year old but when they are around, he is suddenly a grumpy old man and I'm the ten year old. Oh well, we are having fun with our callings and being able to enjoy being together on Sunday during Sunday School.
I am getting ready to run the second book fair at the junior high and am trying to get together some ideas for getting people to come buy books, so that will keep me busy for a couple months as well. Lylia will graduate from high school in May and her mother will be here for a couple weeks, so we will probably do some traveling in June. We want to take her to California and Utah as well as Yellowstone and some other places. Hopefully we can save enough money to take them on a fun trip.
Well, that's this week in a nutshell. Oh, I'm reading the Percy Jackson series and it is very interesting and fun. I love Greek mythology so I love the stories. Good read if you like young adult books.
So, have a great week yourselves and remember: Success comes in cans, not can'ts.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2

I have been getting into my crafting a bit more lately and even started a new Barbie 1900's wedding dress in crochet thread, finished a dove doily, created a new style hat and sewed an apron that's pretty darn cute! I enjoy this kind of thing but like variety so I keep several projects going at a time so I don't get bored.
The big news is that Lee and I made a budget, stuck to it, and actually paid our bills (including rent and tithing!) and had a little left over to go out to dinner. Yay Us! We were so happy and it felt really good to finally be so organized and on top of things.
We have also been doing better at Family Night and reading scriptures. I've even cooked dinner a lot more lately!
This week I would like to say how thankful I am to have my wonderful children. Each of them has been a great blessing and I know they are all meant to be a part of my life, including Bryce (my son-in-law) and Lylia (my exchange student). My children have each filled a part of my heart and soul with their personalities and loving, goofy ways. With all that we went through to decide on which exchange student to have come to our home, I know that Lylia was meant to be with us this year. She is a very special girl and we couldn't have asked for anyone more loving and sweet! And Bryce has been brought to our family by roundabout means but he is a great blessing to us because he is a great blessing to Shauna. We couldn't ask for a more caring, loving, perfect man to take care of our daughter. I really am filled!
This next week I hope to get some projects done and to start my new "Boot Camp" work out at Curves. I have been working out since December 4th and I feel so good. I've lost a little bit around my waist and am stoked that I will be getting into better shape! I love it. This summer we will be able to go hiking and boating and lots of other things more because I will be in good shape. At least, that's the plan...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Life

I decided to take some ideas from my daughters, who are doing a "365 days of me" kind of thing, and post a new log each week, making this a "52 weeks of me" thing instead. With a new year starting, this is a great time to begin new goals, re-set old ones, and keep track of them here because, as the saying goes, "goals that aren't written down are just wishes." I also decided to follow suit with Shauna and write the things I am thankful for. That's always a good idea!
So, although the first week past a few days ago, here is my first entry. If you know me or have followed this blog before you know that I have struggled with depression from time to time. It's one of those things that stays with you if you don't always choose to fight it. I have realized many things about this disease and hope to help others with it. I am currently writing a book and hope to get it published. This is a very important topic to me. Anyway, I have chosen each day to be happy and it has worked. It is amazing how your mind and spirit can take control if you really want them to.
The other day I noticed my wonderful hubby doing some goal setting of his own on his palm pilot. He set goals to read the scriptures every day and say his prayers. He put these in a section where he could check them off each day. Good idea, I thought. Then I saw the next goal: choose to have faith. Each day he wants it to be his goal to have faith. That goes right along with my goals, I thought, in choosing to be happy or to find positive things in my life. But this seemed even more important because it is the basis for which we live. What a wonderful idea - to choose ye THIS DAY whom ye will serve. Each and every day.
Needless to say I have put that on my list of goals as well.
As far as the things I am thankful for, I must start with the most important. My loving Heavenly Father has provided me with the best family ever and some really great friends. I am very grateful for the gospel in my life and for the things my Savior has done for me. Not to make any of that unimportant or anything, but whenever I list my blessings I really want to put my fantastically wonderful (and very handsome!) husband Lee Allen at the top. Without him I doubt I would have the terrific life I have now! What a blessing it is to have someone so loving and sweet as your best friend, your eternal companion and your partner in everything. I have tested him in many ways, especially when going through tough depressing times, and he has always supported me, loved me and gently scraped me off the ground when I felt like I had gone deeper than I wanted to. I wish everyone could have the kind of marriage I have. Thank you, Lee Allen, for being my best buddy. I love you, I can't live without you, and I'm so glad we will have each other forever! XOXOXO