Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MMMmmmmm! Ice Cream!

Okay, everyone join me in eating an ice cream sandwich! Come on, it's yummy! And it's really not much to worry about, it's just one little treat... So this week I am thankful for ice cream. Of course, you all know that Wahlquist means "ice cream lover or ice cream maker" right?
What I am really appreciative of this week, though, is my husband. You may get tired of hearing about him from me, but every day I have something new to be grateful for when it comes to him. He is the best thing to happen to me and I can't help but brag!
He has been keeping the budget and doing the bills and I sure wish we could have gotten to this point a looooooong time ago because we would probably have more money saved up if we had. But he has been so good at doing the bills and taking care of things and I'm just so *sniff* proud of him! And he has also been good about being the dad and making sure we have family night and family prayer. We sure are blessed! It's amazing how, when you keep the commandments and counsel of our Heavenly Father, blessings just pour out! Thanks, Lee Allen, for taking good care of me and our family! You are AwEsOmE! I love you. And that's all you need to know...

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