Friday, April 3, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Tougher!

So we are sitting at the brink of yet another trial; another unemployment trial, that is! My husband's job just got deleted so he is looking for something new. Again. I guess more than a new job is on the calendar for awhile.
While I wouldn't recommend this for anyone, I've learned that trials come to us throughout our lives and that more often than not they turn out to be the mere 'changing of the guard,' so to speak. So many times when something happens, it means that the Lord has found something better for us. We just need to have the faith to hold out until it comes along.
My husband has been through this many times. In the past few years he has had to change jobs and careers quite a few times. On our credit score it doesn't look good: creditors want to see someone stay within the same career path to show stability, I guess. But doesn't it also show good work ethics if someone is willing to do whatever it takes to support his family, even if that means changing what he does for a living?
Lee graduated from college in 1986 with a Bachelor's in Accounting. He worked in that field for about 14 years until the economy forced the company he worked for to lay him off. Not able to find another accounting job, he found a job with a yellow page company and began a career in sales. When we decided to move back 'home' to Utah to take care of his parents, he found a job in insurance. When this didn't pay enough to support his family, he looked for other jobs. (The area we were in is in a terrible crisis for jobs.) He ended up working at a plastic manufacturing company and then eventually for a natural gas jobber in Wyoming. With the economy even lower now, he finds himself unemployed again.
So how many times must a man be tried? This question pops into my head sometimes when I wonder why we have to endure this trial once again. But Lee's patience and faith are high, his attitude positive and his willingness to be the breadwinner is amazing. We are all feeling like we will be blessed, mostly because his outlook is positive. Hurray for great husbands and fathers!
I know many of our friends and family are praying for us and offering their help in whatever way they can. That is the best feeling, to know we are not alone. We will certainly be blessed for that! And in a short time we will find out what the Lord has in store for us. For now, we'll just keep the faith!


  1. It might also mean that you might have to take a temporary job to help out with expenses. That's why Julie works; her ex hasn't paid us any child support in over 10 years and I have to pay $700 a month to my ex, so without her income, there wouldn't be enough to make ends meet. Of course that's a personal decision that only each person can make for themselves...

  2. We are thinking that maybe while Lee is collecting unemployment I should find a job (and good luck with that in a college town.) If things pick back up again they will most likely hire him back so that would leave him able to do that. But the big problem is this: my first occupation/career/duty is that of mother and wife. I have a hard time working when I know I am neglecting my children. As teens, they need me even more now. But if Lee were home all the time, it wouldn't be so bad to go to work. So, here's the next question: I am a teacher's aide and a writer. The schools are not hiring (too many college students working there) and neither is the local newspaper. What do I do now? I can't work retail, I hate working weekends and nights. That's a little selfish maybe, but I need to be home when my kids need me. Well, we'll have to take it one step at a time. Maybe Lee will find a great job that will be more permanent. A government job might be good... Hook us up, Dave!

  3. Lol, California's broke right now, and the misery transfers down to county and city, so most gov entities in CA aren't hiring due to drastic cutbacks. Idaho might be better off though, worth checking the city, county, and state job websites.

    About what you said about nights, I don't know if you meant evenings or graves (midnight to 8). Whatever you do, don't decide to work graveyard because it'd allow you to be home with your kids during the day - there is NO quicker way on this earth to completely destroy one's health. I had to do it for a few years when I was first married and it almost killed me.

    Don't forget to ask the church for help if ya need a little food or something - that's what it's there for.

  4. Thanks, Dave! You are an awesome friend. I will definitely keep all this in mind. When Lee worked at the plastics place in Cedar his shift was 8 pm to 8 am. I don't miss those days! And he those long night hours had a big affect on him. I don't think I could do it!

  5. Oops! Besides that typo, I didn't realize that I was posting that last comment under Jacob's account instead of mine. Anyway, thanks again!